Multi-Step Contact Form

Group up form fields by separating them with a rich text plus customize step progression as needed!


It has always been a struggle to setup multi-step forms or anything of that sort - which is why we’ve come up with this module to serve that purpose. It offers an easy setup that allows anyone to plug and play with it right away.

✒️ Key features

  • Uses a single HubSpot Form
  • Uses rich text to group up form fields
  • Customize progression steps with your images
  • Adjust form width as you see fit
  • Change navigation button’s label
  • Uses HubSpot’s native validation
  • Can customize the color theme of the entire module and form

💪 Getting Started

Most of these instructions are based from HubSpot’s knowledge base on setting up forms so if you want to check the full article, you may visit this link: We’re only going to focus on building a form and setting it just enough for us to enable the multi-step functionality. Important note: You must have the HubSpot Marketing Starter tier onwards before continuing. Please refer to this page for more details. Creating a form

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Lead Capture > Forms.
  • In the upper right, click Create form.
  • In the left panel, select Regular form.
  • In the upper right, click Next.
  • In the left panel, select Blank template to start with a blank form, or a pre-made template to start with a form with fields for a specific use case. The form preview for a selected template will appear in the right panel.
  • In the upper right, click Start.
  • At the top of the form editor, click the pencil icon to edit the form name.

Add and edit form fields

  • In the left panel, use the search bar to search for a field, or browse through your property groups. To create a new contact property and use it as a field on your form, click Create new next to the search bar.
  • Drag and drop fields onto the form preview on the right to include them on your form. Fields can be placed above, below, or next to other fields.

Grouping the fields

  • In the left panel, drag and drop the Rich text area option under the Other Form Elements. Modify the content as you’d like.

  • All fields below a Rich text area will be considered as one group unless there would be another one dragged inside the form.

  • Please take note that this step is crucial in order for the custom module to work.

Final Step As a wrap-up, please enable the option Set as raw HTML form on the Style & preview tab.

If this is not available on your options, you may have to upgrade to a HubSpot Marketing Start tier and up as mentioned earlier in this guide. After the form is completely set up, you may now select it on the form field option of the custom module and hit the Save button. 🎉

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Do your templates really convert leads and customers?
Absolutely! We have tested and analyzed thousands of websites and elements. Understanding what creates conversion, we have built those elements into this theme.
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Each theme and module is built with 3 core concepts in mind (Conversion efficiency, SEO, and end-user ease of use or customization). Very few templates on the market today are able to successfully deliver 1 or 2 of these, let alone all 3.
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Setup is a breeze. Couple clicks and you are off and editing. We built the template and code in such a way to ensure that maintenance of the theme and any customization is clean, clear and efficient as possible.
What if I want to customize the template?
Customization is what our templates are built for. There are countless modules and features that are developed to fit your needs. However, if you find something that needs additional customization or added/new functionality, don't hesitate to reach out as we often provide additional features for our customers.
Do you provide other marketing services besides modules and templates?

We sure do! Please visit HubTheme Services for a full list of services that you are able to purchase from us.

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We love working with agencies! We offer an Unlimited Agency License which allows you to buy a master license from us and customize and resell the template on as many clients as you would like.
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